Pinna Monuments & Memorials

QR Codes Brings An Interactive Experience Keeping Dearly Departed Close

QR codes located on our memorials allows you to include information that can be added about your loved one, such as: an obituary, a guestbook, the family heritage and history, photographs, comments left by friends and family, and even links to share content on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This provides an interactive "living” memorial that will be a legacy for all future generations.

There is no need for special web development skills, to create a compelling memorial to highlight the life of your loved one. The encoded URL inside the QR code refers to a special web site that is automatically constructed with our web application. Pinna Monuments will provide you with tools to create text, upload images, and type in references to online video, biography information, photos and other applications, so you can augment your physical memorial with an electronic one.

Adding a QR code link to any granite memorial enables even users of smart phones to connect to your personalized website. It can be viewed on a phone while visitors wander through the cemetery, or also on your computer by entering the unique web address into your internet browser. Although others may view the information, only visitors authorized by the family administrator can post information on the web page.

Pricing depends on a wide variety of options. The QR code can be added after the monument design has been finalized, and can be added to memorials that were added before this technology was created.  For more information on QR codes, please contact us at 317-786-9060 and we can explain the process in more detail and provide you with options that can fit your needs.