Cemetery Liaison Service

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A common task performed by a Liaison is to act as a go-between between two parties. Not many people are aware of such service. Pinna Monuments wants you to know we want to provide a high level of personalized assistance and customer service offered to every customer. When our staff tells one of our customers that we can act as their own personal cemetery Liaison, we can tell what a relief it is to the person or family who is purchasing a monument or memorial.

We take care of our customers’ needs at the same time we handle the requirements specified by different cemeteries in and around the Indiana area. We make it easy for our customers to understand the wide range of interment choices providing for ground burial and cremation offered by cemeteries.

Guidelines differ by cemetery and because we understand the protocols, we help with the completion of the paperwork and logistics involved with the payment of monument and marker foundation or setting fees. Our staff provides our customers with the information they need to order the right monument and to have it delivered and installed without difficulty or inconvenience.

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Our Cemetery Liaison Service is second nature to us. There is no fee or price for this service. It is free, it is just part of our job and it is one reason why our customers tell their friends and family about us. Pinna Monuments understands that our customers could use some help in  dealing with the details of working with a cemetery. We will work diligently overseeing the details involved with the delivery and installation of the monument we design.

Monument delivery and installation arrangements can be a little complex to understand for people that have not been involved in the process before. We truly care and respect our customers. We understand the emotional issues surrounding a purchase of a memorial and do whatever it takes to make the process as comforting as possible and to put our customers at ease, so they can make a well-thought decision.

When you order a monument or memorial from Pinna Monuments, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about learning technical cemetery lingo because we can explain the rules and regulations in layman’s terms.

Monuments or memorials can be ordered from Pinna Monuments by calling 317-786-9060 or visiting our showroom at 2742 Madison Avenue. Indianapolis IN 46225. We will be pleased to act as your liaison with the cemetery management staff. We have even been know to accompany our customers to the cemetery to help them with their choice of a burial plot, gravesite location or place to situate a monument.

Our service and commitment are top priorities. We strive to build a long-lasting impression that will honor the life of a loved one and make the process as worry-free as possible. Our Cemetery Liaison Service is just one way to describe our methodology for taking care of the details involved in the monument ordering, design, delivery and installation process.

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Memorial Shapes

Monument Styles

Grass Marker

Placed into the ground; the face of the memorial is flush with the ground.

Bevel marker

Placed above ground with a foundation underneath it. The Back of the marker is usually 2 inches higher than the front of the marker, and the face has a slight slant to it.

Slant Marker

Placed above ground with a foundation underneath it. The standard slant marker is 16 inches tall.


Placed above ground with a foundation underneath it. It consists of an upright tablet that sits on a base.