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Pinna Monuments was founded after the tragic loss of our daughter, Jessica Noell Pinna in 2006.

We purchased a monument from a web based company to accommodate our family with the main focus being a tribute to Jessica. While the hand-carved angel was perfect in every way, the lettering on the bench was not. Sadly, the company we hired to do Jessica’s memorial would not stand by their work. We had to find someone local who would take on the task of re-blasting all of the lettering.

At the time, it seemed to be such a huge burden on our family, but reflecting back, it was a needed distraction.  Although we don’t like our circumstances, we understand that everything happens for a reason.

We started Pinna Monuments to provide families with superior service and vowed to never let a family feel lost in their quest to honor the life of a loved one. Helping others who are faced with the loss of a loved one is what we choose to do.

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Since 2008, we have surrounded ourselves with the best quarries and producers of granite in the business.

We continue to bring a fresh focus on new ideas, value and customer service.

On December 8, 1999, we were blessed with our second daughter, Jessica Noell Pinna. Our firstborn, Sydney was almost 3-years-old when she met her new baby sister.

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Sydney quickly took on the roll of mother-hen, looking out for her baby sister. I remember when Sydney was in preschool, as soon as she came home she would sit Jessica down and begin “teaching”. I would hear them in the playroom… Sydney would say, “Jessica, this is orange.  Say orange.” Jessica, in her little just learning to talk voice would say “orange”. Sydney was SO excited she had taught her sister!

Although they were typical sisters and had their moments, the two were inseparable. They rarely did anything without the other.

On November 14, 2006, just 3 weeks shy of her 7th Birthday, Jessica was fatally injured in a tragic car wreck where a teenager crossed the center line and hit the car she was riding in head-on. Jessica left behind her loving parents and only sibling…

Our Facility

Pinna Monuments is located at 2742 Madison Avenue in Indianapolis. We welcome you to visit our clean and comfortable indoor showroom with many displays, as well as a full color design studio. With our help, this design studio allows you to design your memorial. You get to choose the size, shape, color of granite, font and any spiritual or meaningful graphics. This gives you a full visual of exactly how your monument will look rather than picking from a standard format or a standard monument. We provide anything from simple grass markers to whatever your imagination can create.

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We want to thank you for giving Pinna Monuments the opportunity to assist you with creating something so meaningful.

Get Started Today!

I am here to answer any questions about stone selection and the design process.



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Jessica’s Gift offers families who have suffered the loss of a child age 6 and under a FREE 20x10x04 granite marker with the design of their choice. This is a typical infant size that most cemeteries require. If you have chosen to have your child in a family plot, you can apply the value of the 20x10x04 granite marker towards any upgrade.

Please consider making a donation to Jessica’s Gift so Pinna Monuments can continue to help families in this terrible time. You can donate by clicking the gold Donate bar below Jessica’s picture.

Thank you,
Jim  and Angie Pinna 

*The request must be made within 45 days of child passing and the final resting place must be within 5 miles of Indianapolis city limits.  

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Memorial Shapes

Monument Styles

Grass Marker

Placed into the ground; the face of the memorial is flush with the ground.

Bevel marker

Placed above ground with a foundation underneath it. The Back of the marker is usually 2 inches higher than the front of the marker, and the face has a slight slant to it.

Slant Marker

Placed above ground with a foundation underneath it. The standard slant marker is 16 inches tall.


Placed above ground with a foundation underneath it. It consists of an upright tablet that sits on a base.